4 Expert-Backed Tips To Improve Your Voice Over Skills

4 Expert-Backed Tips To Improve Your Voice Over Skills

Voice over professionals are trained to voice many characters and voices. Although skilled in many genres, many specialize in a specific area. This is often due to their extensive experience, good contacts, and proven track record for high-quality work. If you are a voiceover and want to improve your skills, there are several effective ways we will discuss below. 

Repetition is the most important tool:

The best way to improve your voice-over skills is to practice. It’s essential to know the most important points to convey, and repeating them repeatedly will help your listeners remember them. Repetition also increases your confidence and speed. And it strengthens your brain’s connections.

The first thing to do is to prepare a script. The script must contain word-for-word everything you plan to say. Writing out your script will also help you practice the topics you want to cover.

Avoid missing syllables:

When recording voiceovers, it is vital to avoid missing syllables. These syllables can confuse because they sound similar. The best way to fix this problem is to practice a few times until your voice is at its most natural. This way, you can improve your voice-over skills before recording a final one.

Reduce rough sounds:

When doing voice-over, it’s important to try and reduce any rough sounds you may hear. One way to do that is to use EQ. An EQ is a tool that can control the volume of sounds by applying a low-latency, linear phase setting. The first thing to do when using an EQ is to boost low frequencies and cut high frequencies. You want to do this subtly so that your voice sounds clear and isn’t too harsh. Another tool is a de-esser. This can help reduce sibilance and sounds by around three to four decibels.

Another way to reduce rough sounds when voice-over is using the “pencil technique.” This technique involves placing a wooden pencil over the microphone’s grill. You can also use a rubber band to secure the pencil. It’s best to place the pencil with the point facing down. 

Maintain a healthy balance:

Voice-over artists must work to maintain a healthy balance between their acting, tech, and business skills. While you may be more comfortable in one area than another, it is important to focus on specific areas to improve your voice. Taking breaks and using recovery methods to revitalize your voice is also important.