4 Ways Hospitals Can Go Green

4 Ways Hospitals Can Go Green

Going green is becoming increasingly popular in many industries, but hospitals face special challenges. These include natural access, sourcing food and resources from local suppliers, and reusing breathing circuits for anesthesia. Here are some ways hospitals and clinics in Dubai can go green to improve patient care and reduce costs.

Access to nature in hospital design:

Incorporating natural elements into hospital design is an excellent way to improve patient health and satisfaction. It also allows healthcare organizations to integrate sustainability and human health goals into one comprehensive design solution. Research has shown that patients and staff significantly improve when exposed to nature. Incorporating natural elements into hospital design also has the added benefit of improving staff performance and satisfaction.

Source food and resources locally:

Hospitals can use their purchasing power to support local producers and communities by purchasing organic products, fresh vegetables, and fruits from local farms. This can be done through existing suppliers, distributors, or group purchasing organizations. Foods from local producers are more nutritious and can address health and environmental issues. Hospitals should research to find the right suppliers and cultivate relationships to make this possible. It is a good idea to start small and gradually increases purchases from these sources.

Cogeneration facilities:

One of the most effective ways to save energy in a hospital is to install a cogeneration facility. This type of facility produces all of the electricity needed by the hospital. It is also efficient and can save hospitals money. 

Cogeneration plants are more efficient than single-source power plants and can cut energy costs by up to 40%. In addition to saving money on energy, hospitals can also reduce their carbon footprint. Natural gas-fueled engines used in a CHP plant can produce electricity and heat while minimizing the environmental impact. Cogeneration facilities also allow hospitals to operate independently of the grid during power outages to produce electricity and heat.

Reusing breathing circuits for anesthesia:

Reusing breathing circuits for anesthesia saves money and minimizes medical waste by minimizing the need to replace them. The use of reusable breathing circuits also reduces storage requirements, which in turn, reduces medical waste. These are some effective ways that can make your hospital green.