What Facilities Does The Rakez Free Zone Offer To Foreign Investors?

What Facilities Does The Rakez Free Zone Offer To Foreign Investors?

If you are wondering what facilities RAKEZ free zone offers foreign investors, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll look at office space, industrial licenses, ports, and warehouses. These facilities and services are just a few benefits foreign investors can enjoy by setting up their business in RAK. Continue reading to find out more. After reading this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about establishing a business entity in RAK.

Office space:

The Rakez free zone offers a variety of office space options. In the RAKEZ Business Park, investors can lease shell-and-core office space. RAKEZ warehouses are customizable and available year-round or on a limited-time basis. Companies may also lease land for development, which provides unlimited space for industrial projects. The Rakez business park is near major transportation hubs and is located off the coast of Oman.


RAKEZ free zone for foreign investors has numerous advantages that attract investors worldwide. These advantages include world-class infrastructure, low-cost storage, leasing facilities, and full tax exemption. Other benefits include administrative support and free trade agreements with many other countries. In addition to offering an exceptional investment environment, RAKEZ provides a one-stop-shop for all government services that startups and existing businesses need.


RAKEZ Free Zone is one of the largest free zones in the world and is home to more than 15,000 companies from over 50 industries. There are numerous benefits of becoming a part of the RAKEZ free zone. The government and local authorities support the growth of startups, small and medium enterprises, and established businesses. Companies may choose to register in a free zone or non-free zone entity.

Industrial licenses:

If you’re considering establishing your own business in Dubai, you should consider industrial licenses at RAKEZ. This free economic zone is ideal for business owners looking to connect to markets in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South Asia. With a cost-effective package of services and amenities, you can set up a business without having to worry about local regulations or the cost of establishing a business elsewhere.

General trading license:

The RAK Free Zone is a business hub for local and foreign investors that offers a host of opportunities to invest in a rapidly growing region. Companies based in RAK have access to the region’s growing markets and enjoy benefits such as 100% foreign ownership, fast incorporation procedures, and tax-free environments. Furthermore, RAK offers business license types for free-zone and non-free zone companies.